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The Kraków Egg

The cover of The Kraków Egg

The Kraków Egg

by Pru Kitching

32pp Pamphlet
ISBN 978-1-904852-23-0
Published 1st May 2009

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This is Pru Kitching’s second poetry pamphlet. Her first, All Aboard the Moving Staircase, was published in 2004 by Vane Women Press. She trained for the theatre and married painter and stage designer Gerald Kitching. Following his death in 1989 she ran away to Copenhagen from where, as Secretary General of the International Amateur Theatre Association, she travelled extensively and wrote copiously. Pru now lives in Upper Weardale in the North Pennines.

Iftikhar Arif, renowned Urdu poet and Chairman of the National Language Authority of Pakistan, on The Kraków Egg:

This collection represents the life of someone who lives in art and with artists; the experience of these days and nights is reflected in poetry which takes me to a magical world of music, theatre and painting. Pru is very conscious of fractured and complex language. She uses it carefully, without being overtaken by it, employing some strange kind of craft which seems to come naturally to her and is not at all laboured. Her forceful and vivid images, recast with meanings different from the obvious, keep me glued to her poems; and her ability to keep the feeling and emotions pure and intact while maintaining the ease and flow of her verse is reminiscent of Sylvia Plath.

Like a skillful painter she colours minor details, balancing the colours - the hard and the lucid, the obvious and the subtle - while keeping her style intact. She possesses a remarkable ability to create images with sounds in the background. When I read her poetry, I also listen to its music. What a gallery. Poems full of portraits, portraits full of life. And a lonely poet with a pure and primitive heart. Pru! you have done a wonderful job..


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