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The Collected Poems of Geoffrey Holloway

The cover of 'The Collected Poems of Geoffrey Holloway'

The Collected Poems of Geoffrey Holloway

Edited and introduced by David Morley

320pp Paperback Perfect Bound
ISBN 978-1-904852-16-2
Published 24 September 2007

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Geoffrey Holloway died in 1997. A major poet, his subjects included the memory of war, the consolation and difficulty of love, and his alert responses to the natural world. With W.S. Graham – with whom he is sometimes linked – he was one of the most distinctive voices in twentieth century British poetry, with an astonishing ear for the music and movement of language. He was mourned by his many friends, fellow poets and dedicated readers – his books were cherished by those who possessed them. We no longer have the pleasure of his company, or the delight of new poems, but we do now have the pleasure of this book which contains all of the pieces he published.

Holloway was not some local poetic hero. He began to publish poems nationally as early as 1946, contributing to the Times Literary Supplement, The Listener, Encounter, London Magazine, Yorkshire Post, PN Review, Poetry Review and countless other small magazines and anthologies. He was also an intensely active and visible figure in the small press scene for many decades. In some ways you could say that he embodied that scene – moving between the mainstream and avant-garde with dexterity; developing a mastery of formal and free verse, of demotic as well as a classical syntax; and oscillating between the sublime and realism in subject and theme. What was always consistently right in his work was tone. This was all his own, and his integrity of feeling and response was the heart of it.


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