The cover of 'Sitting Among the Hoppers'

Sitting Among the Hoppers

by Marilyn Longstaff

80pp Paperback 'A' Format Paperback
ISBN 978-1-904852-05-6
Published 12th October 2004

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A rich mix of sadness and comedy, undercut by tragic irony, from a poet who does not allow herself to escape her own wry humour.

"A first full-length collection by one of the North-East's most distinctive and original voices, Sitting Among the Hoppers moves effortlessly between the religious and the secular, between the domestic and the public, between preaching and entertaining. Marilyn Longstaff draws on the language of Non-Conformist tradition and Biblical narrative to write about a small-town landscape of wash-days and funerals, mothers and daughters, Sunday Schools and art galleries, wet holidays and winter sunshine. Like the paintings of Edward Hopper, she works in the bright colours of loneliness and grief to create a vision that is both plain and wild, bleak and exotic, hopeless but still full of Hope."


Many of these poems are about my mother, about her life as a Salvation Army Officer, about my loss of her - first through losing my faith, and then through death. This is a book about unconditional love across the divide ... about things I never told her.

Marilyn Longstaff


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