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GaryAllenWhite Lines978-1-904852-34-6£8.99

MikeBannister Pocahontas in Ludgate 978-1-904852-15-5 £7.50

DavidBircumshawThe Animal Subsides978-1-904852-01-8£4.00

JoannaBoulter On Sketty Sands 978-0-9540913-0-9 £3.00

JoannaBoulter The Hallucinogenic Effects Of Breathing 978-0-9540913-5-4 £4.00

StephenBoyce Desire Lines 978-1-904852-27-8 £10.00

DouglasClark Durham Poems 978-1-904852-07-0 £7.50

DianeCockburn Electric Mermaid 978-1-904852-30-8 £10.99

BobCooper All We Know Is All We See 978-0-9540913-3-0 £6.95

JenniferCopley House By The Sea 978-0-9540913-7-8 £4.00

JenniferCopley Unsafe Monuments 978-1-904852-13-1 £7.50

SallyEvans Bewick Walks to Scotland 978-0-9540913-8-5 £7.00

MartinFigura Whistle 978-1-904852-26-1 £10.00

RobinFord After The Wound 978-0-9540913-6-1 £4.00

RobinFord Never Quite Prepared For Light 978-1-904852-02-5 £7.50

MargaretGriffiths Grasshopper 978-1-904852-28-5 £12.00

RobinHamilton Pacts and Conjurations 978-1-904852-09-4 £10.75

GeoffreyHolloway Collected Poems 978-1-904852-16-2 £12.95

PeterHoward Weighing the Air 978-1-904852-18-6 £8.99

PruKitching The Kraków Egg 978-1-904852-23-0 £4.50

PhilKirby Watermarks 978-1-904852-24-7 £10.00

MarilynLongstaff Sitting Among the Hoppers 978-1-904852-05-6 £7.50

NancyMattson Finns and Amazons 978-1-904852-33-9 £8.99

NancyMattson Lines from Karelia 978-1-904852-32-2 £4.00

ShelleyMcAlister Sailing Under False Colours 978-1-904852-04-9 £7.50

GordonMeade The Cleaner Fish 978-1-904852-10-0 £7.50

GordonMeade The Familiar 978-1-904852-29-2 £8.99

GordonMeade The Private Zoo 978-1-904852-20-9 £8.99

MattMerritt Troy Town 978-1-904852-19-3 £8.99

LynMoir Me and Galileo 978-0-9540913-1-6 Out of print
LynMoir Breakers' Yard 978-0-9540913-9-2 £7.00

MaritaOver Not Knowing Itself 978-1-904852-12-4 £7.50

AnnPilling Home Field 978-1-904852-22-3 £8.99

MerylPugh Relinquish 978-1-904852-17-9 £4.50

PeterRafferty Eoliths 978-0-9540913-2-3 £6.95

AnneRyland Autumnologist 978-1-904852-11-7 £7.50

AnneRyland The Unmothering Class 978-1-904852-31-5 £8.99

KeithSagar Mola 978-1-904852-03-2 £7.50

LindaSaunders ways of returning 978-1-904852-06-3 £7.50

LindaSaunders The Watchers 978-1-904852-25-4 £10.00

WilliamScammell Inside Story 978-1-904852-21-6 £12.95

DuncanTweedale Mares and Quinces 978-1-904852-08-7 £7.50

SueVickerman Shag 978-1-904852-00-1 £4.00

AnnieWright Redemption Songs 978-0-9540913-4-7 £6.95

Anthology edited by
Myra Schneider
and Dilys Wood
Images of Women
by contemporary women poets
978-1-904852-14-8 £12.95

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