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Never Quite Prepared For Light

The cover of 'Never Quite Prepared For Light'

Never Quite Prepared For Light

by Robin Ford

80pp Paperback Perfect Bound
ISBN 978-1-904852-02-5
Published 4th July 2004

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You'll be quite unprepared for the beauty and the light behind the pain of 'these brilliant moments'.

"Robin Ford writes of the ordinary world with the excitement of someone who has only just discovered it. Before he came to poetry his life was coloured by mental illness; and now he is a poet who is drinking in the world, in all its flavours of dark and light. Whilst he often tackles difficult subjects, such as loneliness or cruelty, what characterises these poems is playfulness, both with language and with life. Earthly and imaginary, natural and mythical, the many voices of this collection bring urgent news of the pain and beauty of everyday life."


"Here is a succession of short and sharp poems, with never a word wasted, and never wearying the reader's patience. Each one is a treat, but there is something deeper going on, too. Ford starts by writing "I'm never quite prepared for light" and ends with, if only for a blink of the eye, light that "dances with me". This in turn alludes to the Sutherland painting on the cover.

This is a writer you can trust, one who rejoices in the "refusal of barriers". Like ships out in the English Channel, one can enjoy the view, even if ignorant

"where they go
or whence they came"

These poems start and end in mystery, but greatly repay our attention."



Cover Illustration: Entrance To A Lane - Graham Sutherland 1939
Tate London 2004

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