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Mares and Quinces

The cover of 'Mares and Quinces'

Mares and Quinces

by Duncan Tweedale

72pp Paperback Perfect Bound
ISBN 978-1-904852-08-7
Published 7 September 2005

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Duncan Tweedale was born (1943) and brought up in Rochdale, Lancs., and started to write at Pembroke College, Oxford. He landed in the Civil Service in the early days of computers, and stayed there until early retirement in 1999, having for some time been probably the only Buddhist poet in the Ministry of Defence. His only recognised publication is The Collector of Jade (Wolf at the Door Editions, 1999).

Here is a book of poems at once celebratory and meditative, from a poet who weilds language with precision, always aware of deeper and wider meanings. Duncan Tweedale's unwavering attention results in poems that are never less than vivid and incantatory, and at their best are memorable experiences.

The title comes from the core sequence based around the figure of Alkman, a poet from the generation before Sappho, whosw work survives only in fragments.


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