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Redemption Songs

The cover of 'Redemption Songs'

Redemption Songs

by Annie Wright

64pp Paperback Book Perfect Bound
ISBN 978-0-9540913-4-7
Published 24th March 2003

£6.95 post free in UK.

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"Annie Wright's Redemption Songs is a long-awaited event among the fraternity of poetry readers and workshop loyalists. ... Her subjects range from Akhmatova to Kerouac to Walcott and from memory to sensory stimuli. Her poems can be formal in tone as in the string of sonnets, haiku, quatrains and tercets found here, but she is never afraid to let her hair down... In fact much of the work is unabashedly erotic, paeans to the flesh and desire if not outright lust...the book is a testament to poetry as discovery and surprise.

watch me stream in the firmament, follow me
flying, winging, sinning, jubilant, home!

               (From Ascending The Bell Tower)

She makes it hard for her reader to look away."


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