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ways of returning

The cover of 'ways of returning'

ways of returning

by Linda Saunders

64pp Paperback - 'A' format paperback
ISBN 978-1-904852-06-3
Published: 28 November 2004

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Luminous and tender without compromising their strength or allowing a hint of sentimentality, these poems celebrate family, friends, nature and art.

"Linda Saunders applies words to subtle experiences as a painter might use paint, for their texture, balance and tone, with attention to each brush stroke. Often it is the space round the poems, the well-judged break between one line and the next, that speaks. But alongside this care for her materials her poems look outwards, at people, places and things (even the poems from dreams have the feel of the touchable world) always looking for the tiny unmistakable unique feature - what her birdwatching poems call the jizz, the 'just-is', of each species - never more memorably than in the sequence of poems about her father, where childhood memories and adult facts exist in a delicate balance, loving but not sentimental, and always clear-eyed."


Praise for She River

"Her music is beautifully modulated, and the subtlety of mind/body/spirit connections matches that verbal, audible music... Her acts of attention are ones that grip, and illuminate."



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