The cover of 'Shag'


by Sue Vickerman

40pp Paperback Stapled Pamphlet
ISBN 978-1-904852-00-1
Published 8th December 2003

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"Sue Vickerman's poems are always aware of the elemental picture behind the detail, of earth, air, sea and fire. They are salty, stony, fierce, loving, and sometimes sharp. These are poems that will ruffle your feathers, full of acute glimpses of the underneath of things."


"Keenly observed birds punctuate the poems in this collection - all strong,straight-talking narratives. They are windows on worlds where various degrees of unsatisfactoriness are revealed. Birds or worlds, the essential mode is 'watching' and Sue Vickerman's gaze is uncompromising, direct and wide-ranging; her language dense and gritty, at home on the edge of things."


"...their precision and accumulation of detail; the beating heart in them... the lightness of touch; the surprise... the particular salt-lick of the world that accrued when I read the poems together. Edgy, elemental, tender, they help me to understand more about what it is I'm doing, being human."



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