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Gary Allen
White Lines
Mike Bannister
Pocahontas in Ludgate
David Bircumshaw
The Animal Subsides
Joanna Boulter
On Sketty Sands
The Hallucinogenic Effects Of Breathing
Stephen Boyce
Desire Lines
Douglas Clark
Durham Poems
Diane Cockburn
Electric Mermaid
Bob Cooper
All We Know Is All We See
Jennifer Copley
House By The Sea
Unsafe Monuments
Sally Evans
Bewick Walks to Scotland
Martin Figura
Robin Ford
After The Wound
Never Quite Prepared For Light
M A Griffiths
Robin Hamilton
Pacts and Conjurations
Geoffrey Holloway
Collected Poems
Peter Howard
Weighing the Air
Phil Kirby
Pru Kitching
The Kraków Egg
Marilyn Longstaff
Sitting Among The Hoppers
Nancy Mattson
Finns and Amazons
Lines from Karelia
Shelley McAlister
Sailing Under False Colours
Gordon Meade
The Cleaner Fish
The Familiar
The Private Zoo
Matt Merritt
Troy Town
Lyn Moir
Me and Galileo
Breakers' Yard
Marita Over
Not Knowing Itself
Ann Pilling
Home Field
Meryl Pugh
Peter Rafferty
Anne Ryland
The Unmothering Class
Keith Sagar
Linda Saunders
ways of returning
The Watchers
Myra Schneider (co-editor)
Images of Women by contemporary women poets
Duncan Tweedale
Mares and Quinces
Sue Vickerman
Dilys Wood (co-editor)
Images of Women by contemporary women poets
Annie Wright
Redemption Songs

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